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SACA joins Bella Mossa


SACA is glad to announce its partnership with Bella Mossa, an initiative for promoting sustainable mobility.

From April 1st to September 30th 2017 through Betterpoints app it will be possible collecting Mobility Point for every transfer done on foot, bike, bus, train, car sharing or car-pooling. The points collected will be able to be spent in prizes and rewards.

SACA will offer:
- Mirabilandia roundtrip tickets
- Villaggio della Salute roundtrip tickets
- Centri Commerciali di casalecchio one-way tickets
- Mirabilandia Park free tickets

Saca Car 051 63.49.444
Saca Bus & Coach 051 63.49.419
Saca Public Transport 051 63.49.422
Saca Service 051 63.49.466
Tr@nsit Point 051 70.40.85
Saca Car 059 37.56.25
Saca Bus & Coach 059 23.65.30
Saca Car 0522 23.21.68
Saca Bus & Coach 0522 23.21.68