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Mirabilandia Lines

SACA, in partnership with Mirabilandia, the biggest amusement park in Italy, during summer time offers shuttle services from/to the park.

The transportation, aimed to Savio in Ravenna district where Mirabilandia is placed, is conducted from 4 different departure points, in 4 different cities: Bologna, Modena, Carpi and Reggio Emilia, granting multiple stops for carrying people in peripheral residential centers, and for giving the possibility to protract on Adriatic seaside places.

Aside from the departure point chosen, every round trip grants a unique offer: transportation and park ticket for only € 35!

More details on the pages dedicated to single lines.

Saca Car 051 63.49.444
Saca Bus & Coach 051 63.49.419
Saca Public Transport 051 63.49.422
Saca Service 051 63.49.466
Tr@nsit Point 051 70.40.85
Saca Car 059 37.56.25
Saca Bus & Coach 059 23.65.30
Saca Car 0522 23.21.68
Saca Bus & Coach 0522 23.21.68