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FICO Lines

FICO Eataly World it's the world's biggest food farming park, placed in Bologna with an expositive area of 100.000 cube meters. Its goal is to promote high quality food's culture, the beauty of italian biodiversity industry and the knowledges of who works for the enogastronomic excellency of our country.

Inside the park can be found crops, stables, workshops, markets and catering services. Moreover a big space is dedicated to food farming educational activities, through conference center, laboratories, themed routes, guided tours and collateral events.

All of this makes FICO Eataly World a reference structure for families, schools, professional visitors, tourists and everyone who loves high quality italian food and want to discover its secrets and traditions living unique experiences.

SACA, trusting steadily in this project, became FICO's official partner, connecting with others Emilia Romagna cooperatives to collect the financial resources needed to make this dream reality.

SACA brings you to the park with a special shuttle service on morning and evening, starting from Rovigo, Ferrara, Carpi, Modena, Parma, Reggio Emilia e Mantova.

Every route will take place only with a minimum number of 30 passengers.

Live a unique experience with SACA in comfortable, efficient, cheap and safe buses, that will bring you to a full immersion in the main production chains of italian food!

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