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Together, for a modern and sustainable mobility project
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Mobility Manager

In 28/03/1998 ministerial decree is expected adopting a Home-Workplace Transfer Plan (PSCL) as a tool for the reduction of private individual transportations and for a better timetables  organization.

Many italian companies has forced themselves to review their PCSLs or to program new ones.

In composing these plans many difficulties can be found, as:

  • Cost increase.
  • Individual transport increase, with consequent polluting emissions increase and accidents risk increase.
  • Traffic flow exponential increase in cities' key points, with negative repercussions on timetables.
  • Coordination of individual needs of employees following new security protocols.
  • Guaranteeing a growth of the company image, answering correctly to the new health emergency.

Thanks to the sudden answer of SACA to providing all DPIs by law showed by italian government, to edit protocols for ascent, descent and transportation in vehicles for customers respecting their safety, SACA is the ideal partner for attending COMPANY MOBILITY MANAGER figure, proposing INTERMODAL  transport solutions, optimizing them for several needs of companies and employees, and cutting the costs.

Thanks to SACA's excellent territorial knowledge, unique professionalism and sensibility, and thanks to many customers from industrial areas of Bologna, Modena and Reggio Emilia, SACA offers customized solutions, created by a team of transportation specialists, ready to define with you the winning strategy for PSCL fulfillment.

Together, for a modern and sustainable mobility project.

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