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SACA Service
A competitive platform for goods transportation
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SACA Service

SACA is not just people carrier.

Service division, founded at the end of 70's, is indeed the one specialized in goods transportation, developing year after year an increasing number of competences and - as its name talks clearly - services.  

Born as a faster alternative than express courier, specialized in small loads, Servise has enlarged its van fleet, doing bigger shipments on a bigger territorial target, increasing its presence in other countries. Unlike the couriers, SACA Service does not go back and forth from warehouses, allowing in this case a quicker, focused and more personalized service. Even safer and monitored. Literally. Its fleet, indeed, is suitable for the safe transportation of every kind of  material, costantly linked with our headquarters and equipped with satellite control.  

SACA Service uses a wide range of vehicles for every need and request of our costumers, from vans - for letters, flowers, food, packets and every other little object - to trucks, for bigger and much bigger shipments. The over 80 units fleet grants to the division a number of vehicles high enough to manage in real time a fast, widespread service. Every vehicle is equipped with hand truck for helping the loading and unloading. There's no lack either of ramps and idraulic platforms in big size trucks.  

Our drivers are serious, reliable and competent prefessionals, provided with: -

  • Regular driver license
  • Truck driver register's registration
  • Professional Ability Certificate for transportation by trucks